Month: September 2021

How to make your own escalator

A little history: in the early days of escalators, you’d walk up to the machine, press a button, and the machine would send a woman up the escalator.You’d be told you could go one level, two levels, three, four or five levels.The machine would then automatically stop moving and would tell you if it was […]

What’s in a name? What’s not in a hashtag

Juana escalante, joel escalante and Juan escalante are among the many Twitter users who are still searching for a word to describe their friendship.In a recent interview with the BBC, the pair of Colombian journalists described their friendship as “one of the most important things I’ve ever done in my life”.The pair say they started […]

How to Play Minecraft Escala: Zambia Escalator

By Steve Loomis / Staff reporterFor the past few years, I’ve been playing Minecraft with my friends and family, and we’ve been enjoying its addictive gameplay.I’ve even had my own Minecraft-inspired character named “Escala” on my home console, as she uses her “motorbike” ability to move along hills.While it’s fun to travel around Minecraft worlds, […]

How to help escalator safety and security in the workplace

The escalator at the top of the escalator ramp in the escalators section of the Seattle Mariners stadium escalator is currently being repaired.According to the Seattle Times, the escalater at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport escalator was damaged in an escalator crash last month, leaving the escalations section of escalator completely inaccessible.The escalators were repaired last […]

When Is a Glass Elevator a ‘Crisis’?

Posted October 15, 2018 06:32:38Glass escalators are popular with both women and men, but what happens when one gets stuck in a glass elevator?And how do we know when to take steps to protect ourselves?The NBC News special “Crisis” looks at escalators and how they are used in a variety of situations.Reporter Elizabeth McLaughlin joins […]