Day: September 23, 2021

Why you should love the new escalante menu

The latest escalante is here, but it’s not the most eye-catching option on the menu.If you are looking for a quick and easy fix for your family’s food allergies, check out the new menu from escalante.The new menu is pretty simple, with the addition of chicken and seafood to a menu of fresh produce.The addition […]

Which cities in the world have the most escalator elevators?

A recent survey by escalator company Zambia has revealed that some of the most popular cities in Africa are in the South and Central Africa region.The survey found that most of the country’s cities had at least one escalator elevator.Here are the top ten cities in terms of escalator apartment elevators:1.Kinshasa2.Nairobi3.Natal4.Kisumu5.Mpumalanga6.Kigali7.Lagos8.Nzara9.Gaborone10. Ndjamena

Trump escalates escalation of force in Hong Kong

HONG KONG — The Trump administration has escalated the escalation of a diplomatic standoff with China by ordering the suspension of the United States’ visa-free travel to the country and imposing new restrictions on Chinese banks, the State Department said in a statement.The move is part of a series of actions taken in recent weeks […]