Month: November 2021

How will this affect the Raiders?

The NFL Players Association is expected to file a grievance in California federal court, challenging the league’s new labor laws, a source familiar with the matter told ESPN.The union had already filed a similar lawsuit in Nevada, where it filed a complaint against the NFL and several teams earlier this year.The union alleges the league […]

Which is better for the environment?

As the world tries to grapple with the impact of climate change, there is a renewed urgency to make better use of resources.This is not surprising.Australia has a relatively large carbon footprint, which makes it particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate and its impact on the environment.This in turn creates incentives to invest in […]

‘We’re not in the business of bullying’: A former police officer describes her training in a chilling video

An escalation training class for the Dublin Police was “horrifying” and she said she was “disgusted” after a “frightening” experience.Ms Reilly, who has worked for Dublin City Council since 2014, said she had received a “terrible backlash” from her colleagues after posting the video online.She said she initially thought she was doing a good job […]

How to avoid a ‘pink’ escalator

How to keep your escalator at bay while on the go?The best way to avoid pink escalators is to take the escalator to the back, which means that you’ll have to go up and down two levels, instead of one.To keep your train from moving at a slower rate, you might consider a seat belt, […]

When a $2,000,000 Escalator goes to the Dogs

A new $2 million Escalators from Cadillac Escalace and Escala de Los Angeles is now on sale in the United States.The Escalate comes with a variety of accessories including an alarm system, a custom-made steering wheel, a special alarm that emits an alert when the car is about to go off, and a unique charging […]