On Thursday, Al Jazeera journalists Carlos Hernandez, Alexey Pajitnov and Alexei Melnikov were riding a public escalator in the northern Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro when a man stepped on the brake and began pulling.

“He came up behind us and I was in the middle of the escalator, and he was pushing me down,” Hernandez said.

“I was shocked.

I thought that he was trying to stop us, to stop me.

He pulled me down and started pushing me up, pushing me back.”

Hernandez said the man pulled up the side of the elevator, then began shouting at him.

“We were about to pull up,” he said.

When he stopped, he said, “I saw blood everywhere on the escalators and floor.

I was just shocked.”

Hernandez was transported to a hospital and later released.

Melnikov was injured on the ground and taken to hospital, where he was treated for cuts to his leg.

He was released on Friday, according to his Twitter account.

The incident came amid a crackdown on human rights defenders in Brazil, which has been rocked by an unprecedented wave of police violence in recent months, including the deaths of at least 15 protesters this month.

The police were also responsible for an attack in June on a protest camp in the capital, Brasilia, that killed four people and injured more than 100 others.