Cadillac Escalante’s Woodway is an escalator built at the corner of South Street and Avenue C, a stretch of street that runs from University Avenue to South Avenue.

It’s a great place to ride a bike and explore a new neighborhood.

However, it’s also a great spot to hang out and get in a bit of a rowdy mood.

And while this escalator has been in use for some time, the design is no stranger to controversy.

The car was first built in 1984 and was deemed a violation of the city’s parking code.

However the escalator’s new owners, Elevation Properties, were looking to make it a little more fun.

They commissioned a new design from famed architect John Hancock and hired local sculptor Eric Mascolo to create a staircase.

It was meant to be a bit more of a thrill ride.

Mascolos unique work is called “the stairs of light” and the designer’s work has been featured in various publications.

One of the main themes of the project is the relationship between light and the sky, which Mascola’s work focuses on.

“Light is a very important part of nature, the way we see the sky,” Mascoli said.

“When you’re looking at the sky through an escalators light, it brings you closer to the sky.”

This escalator is the only one of its kind in Canada.

M.L.C. is the company that owns the rights to the escalators design, and the company has been looking to build a new escalator on the site for some years now.

The project was funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

The escalator will be built over the existing structure on the corner.

The construction will begin in 2018 and be completed by 2019.

MCA is looking to attract tourists and residents to the area and the new building will include a new entrance and a new landscaped walkway.

It will also have a patio.

“We are very pleased with the response from the public and the community and are looking forward to welcoming residents to our new residential neighbourhood,” said Mike Krivik, CEO of Elevation.

“The landscaping, the walkway, the new entrance, the community room, and more are all part of our vision for the future of the property.”

Elevation will build the new escalators parking lot, the lobby and a community room.

The landscaping will be the same for both the new construction and the existing building.

“It’s going to be very green and welcoming to the residents, to the tourists and to our residents,” said Krivic.

“And hopefully, it will be a good fit with the community.”

The escalators will be used by Elevation to rent bikes to tourists and for the community to use during the construction and renovation of the new condo development.

The new building is expected to be complete by 2020.

Maccolas building at the corners of South and Avenue E was the only escalator in Canada to be built in the 1980s.