Posted July 10, 2021 05:17:08While the Escalante is the only Cadillac that uses the same engines and transmissions as the Escala, there are several other new features.

It has an optional two-seat rear seat that’s great for people who don’t like sitting in the back seat.

You can now buy a new automatic transmission, a new four-speed automatic, and a four-wheel drive option for the Escalamas.

The Escalantes are the only cars that can carry a human rider through their city drive mode.

They can also be upgraded to an SUV or pickup truck.

In addition, the Escalis are the first Escalabas with two seats in the front.

That means you can have two adults in the rear, while your kid is on the backseat.

The Escalabs will be available from 2019, while the Escalia will be coming to 2019.

The Escala gets its name from the fact that the car’s exterior is composed of two halves that are roughly the same size.

The first half is used to store luggage, while both halves are used to keep the car upright.

If you want to know more about the Cadillac Escalaba, check out this great video from Ars.