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How to make your own escalator

A little history: in the early days of escalators, you’d walk up to the machine, press a button, and the machine would send a woman up the escalator.You’d be told you could go one level, two levels, three, four or five levels.The machine would then automatically stop moving and would tell you if it was […]

Why Is Escala Apartments So Expensive?

Escala apartments are so expensive that the owners can’t afford them.According to the Escala apartment rental website, a monthly rent of $2,600 for an apartment with two bedrooms is a huge chunk of money.That’s because, when Escala’s developers announced plans to build an apartment complex with more than 1,200 apartments, they told the site they […]

Obama signs bill that bans guns in public and stores

With just hours before the midnight deadline to register to vote, President Barack Obama signed the first federal gun control law in more than a decade, barring gun purchases by people over 21.Gun-control advocates were bracing for a backlash.The measure was seen as a slap in the face to gun owners who fear they will […]