Posted September 21, 2018 12:12:50A new curved escalator has opened in Sydney’s CBD, as a further escalation protocol is rolled out for escalators in the city.

The new escalator was first revealed by Citylink in a video released on Monday, showing a ramp from a busy street to a more quiet part of the city, where it then leads into a nearby shopping centre.

The video also showed a woman walking along a busy shopping street, as people looked on.

The video was posted on YouTube by the Citylink app, which was designed to let people see the progress of their escalator in real time.

Citylink has since posted a second video, showing the escalator from a different angle, this time with a pedestrian.

The Citylink video shows a woman entering a shopping centre in Sydney.

The escalator is being rolled out in a city where people have long complained about the number of escalators.

Last week, Sydney’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) said it would start rolling out an escalator to the city’s west, following complaints about the cost of running escalators along the city centre.

The plan has already been approved by the council and will be rolled out at various locations around the city later this year.

The council has previously acknowledged that escalators cost too much money and said it was a “sad day for Sydney”.

Last year, it was revealed that a new escalators will be added to Sydney’s West Coast line after the completion of the $500 million Metrolink project.

The city’s escalators have been plagued by delays, cost overruns and other problems, with many people saying they could not get through to the terminus without going through a queue.

The project, which is due to be completed by the end of 2021, is expected to cost up to $2 billion.