Emma, a petite blond, had a long and illustrious career in fashion.

When she was just 11 years old, she got the gig as an intern for Louis Vuitton in Paris.

“I had the job of making sure the brand didn’t lose its identity,” she says.

In 1997, she was named the youngest-ever Paris Fashion Week Fashionista.

She was also the youngest woman to wear the prestigious position at the Paris Fashion Design Fair in 1999, the first time the coveted title had ever been bestowed on a woman.

Emma would spend most of her time in the French capital.

She had her own studio and designed and designed for clients including Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and Chanel.

She also worked for Louis CK, who at the time was one of the most famous fashion designers in the world.

And in 2000, Emma was named by Forbes as one of its most influential fashion designers.

Today, she is the executive director of Emma Escalante.

At the age of 39, she’s still a fashionista who dresses her clients.

But at the age when the world was watching her, she had to work.

“It was a very lonely and difficult time,” she explains.

“The first time I did anything outside of fashion was for a school project.”

The experience left her feeling isolated and lonely.

“For the first three years of my career I was always thinking about what would I do next,” she recalls.

I wanted a normal life. “

As a fashion designer, I think I knew what I would want.

I wanted a normal life.

I had my career, I had a home, I was a good family person.

But the last year of my life, I realized that I wanted the world to know I was still there, and that I was alive.”

She decided to go back to school, which took a big risk.

“At first I thought it was just another job, that I would work at my local store and do this and that,” she remembers.

But as the years went on, Emma’s dreams grew.

“Every year I was getting more and more ambitious,” she adds.

“That’s when I decided to do it all again.”

At the same time, she also had a vision for what she wanted to achieve.

“If you want to be a successful designer, you have to be an entrepreneur,” she continues.

“There’s a certain point where you just can’t keep it all down.”

In fact, the only thing that has kept her going all these years is the fact that her customers continue to buy her clothes.

Emma says she doesn’t need any help in finding clients, because she knows her work will be the one to make the difference.

“When I first started, I thought I was going to be making clothes for the rich people, and I’d make the most of it.

I was so naive,” she admits.

“But over the years, I’ve found out that I am an amazing designer who also has a special interest in fashion, and it has brought me to this incredible stage in my life.”

She explains: “When people are looking for a new dress, they’re looking for something that they like.

And if it’s not made by someone who is in the fashion industry, then that’s not going to make them happy.”

When she got her first designer position, she knew she wanted something that was handmade.

She decided on the classic, tailored dress that her mother had bought her as a child.

But she wanted a more modern look that was more feminine.

So she designed a skirt and made it her own.

“They both had this passion for fashion, so they decided that if I wanted it to look better, they’d make it better,” Emma says.

“And they made it.

It’s been a beautiful experience.”

Today, Emma designs, sells and designs for clients ranging from high-end brands to independent designers.

She has a passion for designing and is always looking for more.

“Sometimes I look at the clothes I’m designing and I feel like I’m wearing a new piece of clothing.

But when I look back on them, I know that they’re not the same piece of clothes I’ve been wearing for so many years,” she insists.

But for Emma, it’s about the people and how they relate to the clothes they’re designing.

“Most of the time when I design, it comes down to me,” she stresses.

“You have to have a certain mindset.

You have to know what you’re going for.

And you have the people to help you achieve it.”

Emmys story inspired a new idea for her life and her new career.

She’s working with a woman who is going to change the way she sees the world: “Emma is so talented that she has the ability to transform the world,” she told The Wall St. Journal. “Emmies