New Delhi: Glass escalators have taken over escalators in India, turning them into a symbol of social injustice and a symbol for the growing caste divide in the country.

The first escalators were built at a cost of Rs 1.7 crore in 2013, but they are now widely used as a symbol that elevates the status of those below.

Some have also been erected in high-profile locations like the Supreme Court in New Delhi.

The Times of Indian, an English-language newspaper, reported on Friday that the government was trying to raise the cost of the escalators by a further Rs 2.3 crore, and that it is working to install at least one at a high-end hotel in Mumbai.

It said that in 2017, the government commissioned a study to assess the use of escalators and whether they were being used effectively.

It was then decided to spend Rs 2 crore on installing the escalator at the Hotel Indigo in Mumbai, the report said.

The government also plans to install a number of escalator-like objects in India at some hotels.

A glass escalator is a symbol not only of inequality but also of caste, it said.

While the escalation of the issue has gained ground since the December 2016 attack on Parliament in which an Islamist militant killed five lawmakers and injured dozens, some Indian commentators have said that India’s caste system needs to be addressed.