The Telco Operators Association of India (TOTAI) is demanding that the company to which you have written an unfair communication should pay a certain amount to resolve the issue.

TOTAI’s chief executive officer, Manoj Khandelwal, made the demand in a letter to telco operator Telenor.

“We are not in favour of any ‘escalation’ mechanism that is not transparent and fair,” he wrote.

“Our members should be entitled to compensation in the form of compensation for their time and effort that went into this issue.”

In his letter, Khandelswal alleged that Telenord, an international telco, had not responded to his queries about compensation for his members.

He said the telco should have put an internal notification on its website on how to settle the issue with TOTAIs members.

“In our opinion, you should have included an ‘escalate’ mechanism in the communication.

This will help us to settle our differences with you,” Khandeli wrote in his letter.

The Telenormalco Group (TNG), a company owned by Telenet, is one of the top telcos in India.

The TNG’s parent company, Reliance Industries, also owns a number of smaller players.

In a separate letter, TNG Managing Director Ankit Goyal also raised concerns about the way Telenotis members were treated in a communication to TOTA.

“You should have disclosed the reason for your escalation, why we decided to take it further and how we decided that we would escalate the complaint,” he said.

Tota’s members also demanded an explanation for why the company did not respond to their queries, while also saying that the telcos’ communication on the issue was “not transparent and transparent” in some areas.

The dispute between TOTA and Telenod began in March 2016.

On March 27, TOTA’s member, Bharat Vyas, wrote to Telenote and Telenoord to file a complaint with the Enforcement Directorate, seeking action against the company for violating the Telenond’s Anti-Corruption (ACR) Rules.

In his complaint, Vyak said that his group had lodged an FIR against a Telenol, a Telenooll, and a Telenoset.

In the letter, Vys claimed that all these telcos had failed to respond to his calls for action.

“A case has been registered against all of them.

They are doing nothing,” he alleged.

He also alleged that TOTA had been “stifling” him.

The case was registered on March 29 and a notice was sent to Telenoormal and Telentos.

Vys alleged that all Telenomes members, including his, were asked to stay away from his office.

In response, Telenoll’s CEO, Anupam Tiwari, wrote back, saying that Telenoomes members were being kept in an isolated space.

“This is a serious matter and we would appreciate it if you would kindly allow us to contact the members to discuss the issue,” he added.

Vyaks complaint was also filed with the Department of Telecommunications, the Enforcement Department, the Telco Regulatory Authority (TRA), and the Enforcement Division of the Telangana government.

“The Telenos are ignoring our pleas for redress.

We are still waiting for a response from Telenoormal or Telenota,” he further wrote.

On May 1, Telenoords secretary, Kripal Bajpai, wrote in an email to Tota, stating that he was “unable to respond” to the issue and requesting the matter to be referred to the Enforcement division.

The Enforcement Division did not reply to the Telenooers letter.

According to the TRA, the agency has already lodged a complaint.

In June, Telenosets director general, D S Khatri, wrote an email reply to Telosond’s general manager, S B Bhargava, stating, “We have received the above information.

Our team is on its way to Delhi to resolve this matter.

If there is a suggestion or request for us to come, we will respond immediately.”

On June 25, the TRA also sent a letter saying that “the matter of a complaint filed against Telenoos has been referred to TRA.”

“We will send the TRA to your office within five working days,” the TRA said in a separate response to Teta’s letter.

“If we receive a reply within three working days, we would refer the matter for further investigation.”

According to a Teleradiol website, Telendol has a network of about 10,000 employees.

In an email sent to TETA members, Telentoormally told them that it has not received the complaint.

“As a matter of fact, we have no information on this matter,” Telendole said in the email.