Trump escalators are the latest example of Trump’s obsession with escalators, a fixation that has only made him more unpopular with many voters and raised new questions about how the president would govern.

In the aftermath of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the president said that people in the building should have been able to escape.

The next day, he told reporters that he’d prefer people die if it means saving more lives.

The escalator controversy has become a political flashpoint for Trump, with many lawmakers calling for his resignation.

But the escalator issue has been going on for years.

According to the American Association of State Fire Marshals, Trump’s escalators have been used in just under 1 percent of fire escapes in the U.S. since 1981, and have been the source of more than 50 accidents.

That’s far below the roughly 1 in 6,000 escalators used in the country.

Trump has said he never considered firing an escalator engineer or manager in the past, and he has said that he prefers people die in fire escapes.

He has also been a staunch critic of the idea of escalators being able to be used to transfer people from one elevator to another, claiming that people would be injured in the process.

His comments have caused outrage among some elected officials and led to a number of lawsuits.

Now, as the Trump administration begins the process of building a new escalator system in Las Trump International Hotel and Tower, a group of lawmakers has called for a full investigation into the Trump Administration’s escalator safety practices.

“Trump’s escalatory obsession has only only made the president more unpopular and raises new questions,” Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.), who has called on the Trump White House to step down, said in a statement Monday.

“He’s now blamed his own staff for the escalators’ safety issues.

It’s time for an independent investigation to determine how the escalations were used and whether or not safety protocols were followed.

This should be an open, transparent, and thorough investigation.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The president has long insisted that his escalators work, and the latest escalator incidents have raised questions about whether Trump is right in his claim that escalators can be used for transferring people from elevators to escalators.

In a statement, the White House said that the escalating system in Trump Tower is “an extremely safe system that was designed for the needs of the President, his staff, and his guests.”

Trump has called escalators the “ultimate safety measure,” saying they’re “just like escalators.”

“It’s a little like the elevator, but much, much more dangerous,” he said in January.

“It has never been easier to use an escalating elevator.”