As it gets closer to the end of the year, the Atakan summit of Mount Aco has become the main focus of tourists from all over the world. 

The summit of Aco is located in the Atapuerca National Park. 

Its steep and narrow, with a total elevation gain of 1,500 metres. 

However, the views are very spectacular. 

Atacama mountains are famous for their breathtaking views, but they also contain a wealth of natural features. 

You can hike, hike, hiked to the summit without fear of being crushed by avalanches, landslides and other hazards. 

As a result, it is popular with tourists, who also climb the nearby Atacamaya mountain range. 

Aco has two main routes to the top of the mountain, one through the dense forest and the other to the nearby Aco river trail. 

Both routes are accessible by motorbike. 

 The first motorbike route is from Tintagas to Aco, about 7km away. 

On the way, the motorbike takes you to the Ascalon Valley, where you can hike to the peak. 

This route takes about 40 minutes to travel, and is a popular destination for tourists. 

Another motorbike option is to take the motorboat to the village of Acañares, where a guide will guide you to Aconcagua (Potoso, Aconca) at the top. 

If you are on foot, you can take a bus from Tinto to Acoso, which is the last stop before the top, or you can use the bus to climb the mountain. 

During the winter, you may wish to take a hike at the Ataacama mountain range, which overlooks the mountains. 

There is a well-known stream and stream in the area called “Potosos River” that flows through the mountain range and provides easy access to the mountain ranges. 

Potosoes are a native fish that live in rivers. 

According to the World Wildlife Fund, they eat fish, frogs and other small animals, and feed them. 

When the stream is dry, they migrate to streams below the mountain and deposit their eggs there. 

For more information, see the  Atacami River guidebook. 

In terms of elevation, the summit is the highest peak in the world, at 1,750m (3,200ft) and 1,850m (4,500ft). 

The trailhead is in Tintaganalua National Park, located between the town of Atacagua and the village Ata-a-Kos, on the river Tinto, about 2km (1.5 miles) north of the summit. 

Hiking to the Atackan is very popular, with many trekkers going on the Tintagans mountain bike route. 

It is a good place to see the views of the surrounding Atacamas mountains and the Ataco mountain range at sunset. 

Tours are also offered to locals, although the trail is usually a bit challenging and you will need to have a very good knowledge of the trails. 

Read more about the Atachan mountain range from the Potoos River guide. 

Follow the Atachan mountain route to the Petsong volcano, at 2,500m (8,000ft).

Follow the Atachas route to Popesong volcano at 1,300m ((5,200 ft). 

This is Potsong volcano on the way to Atakan summit. 

More information about Poesong volcano from the Ataca guidebook is available at the Potosos River guidebook and the Tintagsas River guidebook from the Aco guidebook .