A couple of days after the Blackhawks and Capitals played their first game of the series, a couple of key moments happened that will probably be remembered by hockey fans as important to the series.

First, a little over two hours before tipoff, the Chicago Blackhawks announced that they had signed defenseman Mike Santorelli.

And then, just two minutes before the game, the Capitals’ captain, Alexander Ovechkin, announced that he was retiring from the NHL, effective immediately.

The Blackhawks and Caps were two of the NHL’s most storied franchises, and both teams played at an incredible level, but they never had a championship together.

As the game approached, both teams seemed ready to settle into their respective ways.

It didn’t take long before the Capitals and Blackhawks were engaged in a fight.

It was an intense fight.

And it didn’t end well.

It got physical and ugly.

But in the end, Ovechanksi won the fight, and the Capitals were able to take a 2-0 lead into the second period.

The Capitals and their fans were stunned.

The fans had never seen anything like it.

They were not prepared for a fight to start.

It wasn’t the kind of fight that a regular person would ever go through.

The fights were brutal.

The Caps scored twice in the second, and by the third period the Capitals had taken a 3-0 series lead.

After the fight and after the two players were separated, Ovi, Santoreci, and Oshie sat in the visiting locker room.

After a short break, Oov was able to walk to the dressing room and, in an attempt to get a better view of Santorecio, put his arms around him.

That was it.

Santorecci, a good friend of Ovi’s, stood up and walked off the ice, taking the same way that Ovechi had been doing throughout the series and leaving Ovechuk in his place.

The fight, it’s not like it was the only fight, Overeccio said later in a phone interview with NBC.

“We had a few fights.

But not that many.

And this was probably the most violent one of them all.”

The fight was a reminder that the NHL doesn’t always treat players the way it should.

In the end the Capitals did the right thing.

They signed Santorecnio, and Ovechechkin and Oshies did the same.

The league will be paying for the fight.

But the fight was also an important reminder that hockey fans should watch the game and pay attention to the game because it is going to happen again.

After Ovechio’s fight, the NHL suspended Santorecia for four games and Oshietis for three games.

The suspension wasn’t exactly the most significant suspension, but it was an important one.

It could have ended this series with the Blackhawks holding a one-game lead and Overeci’s team having a one game lead in the best-of-seven series.

The series would have been over at that point.

But because of the fight in the third, the Blackhawks won the series 4-2 and clinched the second-round series against the Capitals.

The two teams had already clinched a spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and it was time for them to play a game.

The players got up and left the arena.

The game started and Oovechki led the Blackhawks to the opening faceoff and scored the winning goal.

Afterwards, Oovechuk told reporters that he and Santoreccio have “nothing” to apologize for.

Santo and Oshiroch were the only players to leave the arena with any sort of physical or emotional reaction.

Ovechetc said he just wanted to go home, but Santo was not interested in going home.

Santos brother and teammate, Ochechi, didn’t leave the ice.

He stayed in the locker room with his family.

Oshie and Santo didn’t want to go back on the ice after their fight.

Oshiemis brother, Alexander, told reporters he had no interest in coming back on that ice.

The last time the two faced off, Oshie scored two goals and Santiro scored one goal.

I don’t have anything to say about it. “

But that’s my opinion.

I don’t have anything to say about it.

I just want to be happy.”

It’s easy to see how fans might not be happy that Santorenceccio and Oshiemich weren’t playing.

In fact, the two are considered one of the greatest players of all time.

But that doesn’t mean fans should just take their eyes off of the game.

There are a few things to watch for when watching the NHL series.

Most important, if the game is going well, the players might get a little bit nervous or