Barcelona, Spain – You’ve just walked into a city full of escalante-wearing people.

But if you’re not careful, you may end up in a very ugly situation. 

As we reported in March, escalante is a streetwear trend in the city of Barcelona that involves short trousers and a hoodie. 

Now, thanks to an article by La Vanguardia newspaper, the trend is gaining popularity, especially among young men, according to the local media. 

La Vanguardia’s reporter, Javier Alvarado, explained that the idea behind escalante was born during the summer holidays. 

“When the crowds arrive for the summer holiday, they wear long trousers and some have short shirts, like the ones we’re wearing today,” he told the paper.

“Some people don’t like to wear shorts because they feel that they can look cute in a long shirt.”

He said that the trend was particularly prevalent in the north of the city, where there are fewer people and there are more people walking around wearing long trousers. 

However, there are many reasons why people choose to wear long clothes on escalante, according Alvarada.

“For some, they don’t have much money and they don’ have time to wear them,” he explained. 

Another reason is to show off their athletic prowess, like if they’re part of a team or competing in a tournament. 

Finally, escalantes are usually a great way to show your confidence and style, according the journalist. 

The only downside is that people will probably take you to the police, as the streetwear community doesn’t like cops. 

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