In the first of a series of stories on escalators, Donald Trump escalators in Washington and San Francisco will be shut down for the next four days.

This is the third time this week the presidential candidate has ordered the halt of a presidential escalator trip, the first time for a campaign event and the first to a presidential inauguration.

“I’m going to be having the escalators shut down until we figure out how to get them fixed,” Trump told the crowd of supporters.

“The reason we’re shutting them down is because they’re not safe, they’re dangerous.”

“The escalators are dangerous,” he said.

“We have to fix them.”

Trump added that he had “a feeling” that some of his supporters would be angry if the escalations were shut down, but he didn’t specify which ones.

As for the other escalators at the two airports, they will also be closed on Saturday.

They have been used for other presidential events, such as the annual State of the Union address and the swearing-in of Trump’s Cabinet.

After Trump took office in January, he ordered the shutdown of some of the escalating stops that had been used in previous administrations.

He also suspended the use of escalators for presidential and military events.