A new hotel is set to replace an aging hotel in Utah, after it was destroyed by a massive avalanche in 2016.

The new $600 million Resorts International Tower Hotel is expected to open in 2019 and will be located in the new Salt Lake City Convention Center.

The building will be the tallest in the world at more than 2,000 feet (650 meters), and the resort will be among the tallest hotels in the U.S. and Europe, according to a press release from Resorts.

The building will also feature a new fitness center, an indoor tennis court, an open-air yoga studio, and a fitness center and gym.

The resort will feature a pool, indoor and outdoor dining, spa and gym facilities, and “a world-class gym,” according to the press release.

The Resorts Tower Hotel has been in the works since 2015 when a group of investors, led by former NBA star and billionaire Kenyon Martin, bought the building for $3.9 billion.

Martin, along with a group led by the hotel’s current owner, Dan Gilbert, have made several high-profile investments in the hotel and casino business.

The company has also been active in Utah and has partnered with the state to build the Deseret Museum of Science and Technology.