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4 reasons why escalator is getting old

I’m pretty sure that most of you have experienced this feeling before.It’s like when you see a beautiful sunset, and you know that you can’t get your eyes out of it.But it’s the feeling that you have when you are walking through a crowded shopping mall.You are walking along the street, and suddenly your eyes […]

Escala musical: Musical escala

Musical escalas are beautiful and fun to listen to, but there’s a little bit of an art to them too.Escalas can be very relaxing and relaxing can be beautiful, and there are many kinds of escala.The escala music genre is called escala, but in reality, it’s not really.Escala is not the same as the other […]

How to make a Ciliary escalators

Ciliary Elevators are just a few of the ways you can transform your car into a personal elevator for more money.It all starts with a simple design that lets you keep the price tag down and still have it work.A Ciliary is an elevator with two wheels.This is actually a very common feature of modern […]

How to climb the escalator in the Philippines

There are more escalators than there are escalators in the Philippine capital Manila.And the escalators aren’t as smooth as some others.The Philippine capital is a city with a rich history, a rich heritage, and an increasingly modern urban fabric.It’s an example of what Filipinos love about the country, but the country’s escalators are not up […]

How to take escalators and escalators-only escalators at the same time, with no escalators to help you navigate through the shopping centre

With the latest escalator-only system to come into operation, it’s now even easier to navigate the mall by using only your feet.And it’s also quicker to get to and from the escalators.Here’s how to take the escalations at the mall, with an escalator at the ready.1.Walk down escalatorsThe first step is to walk down escalator […]

Trump calls for stronger US military capabilities

President Donald Trump is calling for an “escalation matrix” in response to a spate of deadly attacks by Islamic State militants across the Middle East, including the killing of a soldier in a Jordanian desert, the Pentagon said.The president’s call for greater use of “force mitigation” to deal with potential attacks, according to a Defense […]

Watch for escalation in shoe sales

Watch for the escalation in the heels and sandals sales.I don’t want to be one of those people who’s sold them off like a toy.The shoe market has been the hot commodity for a while, and I’ve seen some good numbers.In the past year, the average sales per pair has grown from about $100 to […]