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Utah woman injured in avalanche on a mountain

Posted October 03, 2018 07:29:00 A woman is in critical condition after being injured in an avalanche in Utah.According to a statement from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, a 20-year-old woman was on the trail near her home in the Pahrump Mountains when she was hit by a mountain-bagging avalanche.The woman was rushed to […]

How to get rid of escalators at your workplace

The New York City subway system is a labyrinth of escalator-laden tunnels that have led to a steady stream of escalations and escalator fatalities over the years.Now, the MTA has finally taken action to help mitigate the problem and has begun issuing “escalator alerts” to subway stations.The MTA said the alert system, which will be […]

China’s escalators: What you need to know

The Chinese government has approved new escalators, which are expected to replace escalators in nearly 1,000 hotels, restaurants and malls in the country.The escalators will be made of steel and will cost about 10 cents per pound, according to a statement from the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission, or CNDRC.China has more than a […]