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Which is better for the environment?

As the world tries to grapple with the impact of climate change, there is a renewed urgency to make better use of resources.This is not surprising.Australia has a relatively large carbon footprint, which makes it particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate and its impact on the environment.This in turn creates incentives to invest in […]

Which cities in the world have the most escalator elevators?

A recent survey by escalator company Zambia has revealed that some of the most popular cities in Africa are in the South and Central Africa region.The survey found that most of the country’s cities had at least one escalator elevator.Here are the top ten cities in terms of escalator apartment elevators:1.Kinshasa2.Nairobi3.Natal4.Kisumu5.Mpumalanga6.Kigali7.Lagos8.Nzara9.Gaborone10. Ndjamena

How to help escalator safety and security in the workplace

The escalator at the top of the escalator ramp in the escalators section of the Seattle Mariners stadium escalator is currently being repaired.According to the Seattle Times, the escalater at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport escalator was damaged in an escalator crash last month, leaving the escalations section of escalator completely inaccessible.The escalators were repaired last […]