An escalator with a handle that shoots hot air at people was set ablaze in California, prompting the company that makes the toy to post a security camera video of the incident on its Twitter account.

The video shows a young man holding the toy and running at it, firing it with a plastic handle.

The toy is set to go up for sale Thursday.

The escalator exploded with a loud explosion, sending debris raining down on the man as he runs away, according to a Twitter post by the company.

The company, based in Orange County, California, had earlier said the escalator was being sold for $20 to $25.

The explosion sent debris raining on the young man as the escalators owner fled the scene.

The California Highway Patrol later said the man who set the escalater on fire was an employee of the company, which was working on a new escalator.

The CHP said it was investigating the incident.