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Why Is Escala Apartments So Expensive?

Escala apartments are so expensive that the owners can’t afford them.According to the Escala apartment rental website, a monthly rent of $2,600 for an apartment with two bedrooms is a huge chunk of money.That’s because, when Escala’s developers announced plans to build an apartment complex with more than 1,200 apartments, they told the site they […]

How to take escalators and escalators-only escalators at the same time, with no escalators to help you navigate through the shopping centre

With the latest escalator-only system to come into operation, it’s now even easier to navigate the mall by using only your feet.And it’s also quicker to get to and from the escalators.Here’s how to take the escalations at the mall, with an escalator at the ready.1.Walk down escalatorsThe first step is to walk down escalator […]

How Glass escalates the issue

New Delhi: Glass escalators have taken over escalators in India, turning them into a symbol of social injustice and a symbol for the growing caste divide in the country.The first escalators were built at a cost of Rs 1.7 crore in 2013, but they are now widely used as a symbol that elevates the status […]