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Trump escalates escalation of force in Hong Kong

HONG KONG — The Trump administration has escalated the escalation of a diplomatic standoff with China by ordering the suspension of the United States’ visa-free travel to the country and imposing new restrictions on Chinese banks, the State Department said in a statement.The move is part of a series of actions taken in recent weeks […]

How to stop a dog from escalator 2

The escalator was one of many escalators at a local McDonald’s, a few blocks away from the one where Mr. Almanzar was shot and killed.The police were patrolling the area, and a group of protesters began hurling stones and fireworks at the police.They were met by a barrage of gunfire.The gunfire was directed at the […]

How Glass escalates the issue

New Delhi: Glass escalators have taken over escalators in India, turning them into a symbol of social injustice and a symbol for the growing caste divide in the country.The first escalators were built at a cost of Rs 1.7 crore in 2013, but they are now widely used as a symbol that elevates the status […]