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How to help escalator safety and security in the workplace

The escalator at the top of the escalator ramp in the escalators section of the Seattle Mariners stadium escalator is currently being repaired.According to the Seattle Times, the escalater at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport escalator was damaged in an escalator crash last month, leaving the escalations section of escalator completely inaccessible.The escalators were repaired last […]

How to deal with Windows 7 security updates

Windows 7 (SP1) updates are typically released in waves starting with the November update. Each of these waves contains security fixes and other improvements.For example, Microsoft released Windows 7 SP1 in February 2019, with a fix for a problem with Windows 8.1 security patches that prevented some Windows 8 users from installing the operating system.The November […]

How to prevent the next Planetside game escalation

Windows 10 and other security software are designed to protect against attacks by taking advantage of the way the operating system interacts with software components.This article shows you how to prevent a security update from being installed on Windows 10 PCs that contains an escalation exploit that could compromise a Windows 10 PC.This type of […]