President Donald Trump is calling for an “escalation matrix” in response to a spate of deadly attacks by Islamic State militants across the Middle East, including the killing of a soldier in a Jordanian desert, the Pentagon said.

The president’s call for greater use of “force mitigation” to deal with potential attacks, according to a Defense Department statement on Tuesday, came as Trump said he is “ready to take direct action” against ISIS.

The statement did not specify how he intends to carry out such a plan.

“I am calling for the use of force to stop the attacks against our troops in the Middle Eastern region,” the statement read.

“It is imperative that we have the ability to defend ourselves and our allies from these threats.”

Trump has previously called for an increase in military spending and for the US to “take direct action to defeat these terrorists” in the region, as well as against China.

He has also made clear that he wants to see a change in US policy toward China.

The US has been engaged in a multi-nation campaign to drive ISIS out of its self-proclaimed “caliphate” in Syria and Iraq, as the group is known.

Trump’s order for the military to “increase” its military capacity to combat the Islamic State in the country will also include a directive to increase the US’s air defense capabilities.