What to think about escalators?

This escalator is the shortest.

It’s in Japan and its name translates to “world’s shortest”.

It’s the only escalator in the world that is only 13 feet tall.

The escalator comes with a safety mechanism.

The metal plate that makes up the metal base and the metal wheels on the sides of the escalator all have a safety pin embedded into the center.

The safety pin is designed to stop the escalators wheels from turning when it touches the ground, so it is a good idea to have it secured to the metal plate.

The elevator has a sliding mechanism that makes it possible to remove the safety pin, as well as push it out of the way if you want to walk away from the escalating machine.

The only escalators in the entire world that can be reached with the safety mechanism are the escalatethe elevator is designed in Japan, and it is called the “Yokohama World’s Shortest escalator” in honor of its location in the city.

In the United States, it’s called the Yuba World’s Longest escalater.