Juana escalante, joel escalante and Juan escalante are among the many Twitter users who are still searching for a word to describe their friendship.

In a recent interview with the BBC, the pair of Colombian journalists described their friendship as “one of the most important things I’ve ever done in my life”.

The pair say they started tweeting in the middle of 2015 after seeing a news story about two men being attacked by Colombian soldiers.

They quickly developed a strong connection, as the journalist’s father had suffered a stroke that left him unable to speak.

“It was just like we were like brothers, like brothers are like brothers,” escalante told the BBC.

“We would chat, we would laugh, we’d cry.

And then we would all start talking about football and stuff, about the war.

So it was just so surreal.”

The pair became close over the following years and their friendship became so deep that they started sharing a house in Colombia with their two children, aged 10 and four.

In May, Juana and escalante began sharing a picture of the house with a caption: “This is the house that we have in Colombia.”

The image quickly went viral, with more than a million people sharing it on social media.

The pair said they hoped the image would help bring attention to the ongoing conflict in Colombia.

“This is what we want, and we are not going to stop because of this,” escalante told the New York Times.

“This isn’t going to end.

We are not stopping because this war is going on.

We will continue until there is peace in Colombia and we stop all the violence and the killings and we get it together.”

Juan escalantea and escalantee say they will keep sharing their home in Colombia despite the conflict.

“I think we will stay,” escalatee told Al Jazeera.

“We will keep doing this until we are safe.”