When the Walt Disney ride escalator at Walt’s resort was hit by a train in April, everyone was on edge.

The incident was one of several in which people died or were injured on Walt DisneyWorld over the past year.

The ride’s safety has been under scrutiny since a worker on the third floor of the World Showcase was killed when a train struck the escalator on May 4, 2019.

But it wasn’t until this week that the news was announced to the public: the escalators safety had been improved after the company announced a new system in 2017 that is designed to protect passengers.

The new system is known as an Accupline, and it is designed for Disney rides and other facilities that are equipped with the escalatings equipment.

It includes a safety vest that is attached to the train.

The vest is designed so that it doesn’t slip off and that it can be easily removed.

It also includes a seatbelt and other safety features that will make sure that a train is not in motion when the vest is pulled off.

The first Accuplate was put into place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019, and the second, at Waltworld Resort in Florida.

The company has said that there is no reason for the new vest to not work with the new system.

The AccuPline is designed in such a way that when you get out of the vest, it is fully extended and is protected from the train and the environment.

There are other vest systems on the market that don’t protect from the environment, but there is not a system that protects from the weather and the train is never in motion, so you never have to worry about that, said Rob Hallett, vice president of safety technology and safety for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

The accuplines vest also features an on-board GPS tracking system so that guests can track their progress through the ride.

The technology is designed specifically for Walt’s ride and was tested at Disneyland in 2018.

Walt Disney Resort has a history of safety at Walt World, and its guests have long complained about the lack of a safe environment for them and their families.

In October, more than two dozen people were killed on Disney’s Animal Kingdom when a fire engulfed the Jungle Cruise ship.

At Walt Disney Springs, the fire was extinguished in the morning and there have been a number of safety incidents since then.

The latest incident came on the heels of a similar accident on Disney Springs in January 2019, when two workers were killed when their train derailed in the back of a car and crashed into the back wall of a fire station.

Both of those deaths were linked to the Accuplates vest, and they led to safety improvements in 2018 and 2019.

A safety vest is used on the Disney ride at Walt Hollywood Studios, where a train collided with a railing, causing the ride to slide down the track, killing at least five people.

The Fire Department says that the Accuepline will be used on all Walt Disney Studios rides, including Disneyland.

The goal is to reduce accidents and fatalities in both Walt Disney Theme Parks, and we have made some improvements in 2017 and 2018 that will continue to improve the safety of our guests and staff, said Jennifer Roesler, Disney Parks spokesperson.

It is not clear how long the new Accu Plates vest will be on the park before it is switched over to the new ride system.

It was announced on Tuesday that the new safety vest will go into place in 2019 at the same time that the accu plates vest is being phased out.

But if the vest works as planned, it will be the first time that Disney has used a vest in a roller coaster ride since 2019.

The Walt Disney resort is also working on new safety features for other attractions.

There will be new seat belts, which will be attached to a belt that can be removed and replaced.

The seats on some rides are now air-bags.

In 2019, a large airbag was installed on a ride at Disneyland Resort.

But there are no plans to replace the airbag with a new vest, said Halletti.

The next step for the Accupepline is to have a safety assessment done to make sure it is safe for all guests.

This could take several months, but we will be in a position to be able to say that we have a system in place to ensure the safety for our guests,” said Roesling.

For more information on the Acculepline vest, visit Walt Disneyworld.com.