Posted November 19, 2018 06:19:17 The snowfall totals for November were just shy of what has been forecast for the month of November.

However, there was still a slight increase in the number of inches recorded in the city of Houston, as the area experienced the third-warmest November temperatures since records began in 1880.

This is a reminder that storms can be unpredictable and it is still possible to get hit by heavy snowfall or ice storms.

In addition, there were a number of snowfalls that were not recorded in our city’s weather map.

These include an ice storm that hit the Houston area early on Tuesday, a snowstorm in the mountains of central Utah on Tuesday night, and heavy snowfalls in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Wednesday.

For a more detailed look at the winter storm activity in our region, check out our winter storm maps.

Looking forward to another snow day, the next is November 26.

The next forecast update will be published on Thursday, November 27, according to the National Weather Service.