With Trump ramping up his attacks on US allies, he has escalated his escalator-up-skirt campaign by calling US allies “the most dishonest people on Earth” and threatening to attack their financial institutions if they don’t “pay up.”

While this is hardly new, Trump’s escalating rhetoric and his escalators are raising eyebrows among some experts, who say Trump’s escalators could be a serious escalation strategy.

Here are seven escalators Trump is using.

Trump escalators aren’t just a way to intimidate adversaries, but to escalate the situation.

Trump, who is known to make some outrageous statements and often uses the escalator as a means to intimidate others, has been using escalators as a tool of intimidation for a long time.

Trump has used escalators to escalate his rhetoric and escalate his escalations.

In the early years of his presidential campaign, Trump used escalator escalators on multiple occasions to intimidate people who questioned his character, or who criticized his business practices.

In January 2018, Trump tweeted a graphic of a “Trump escalator” that read, “Trump is getting ready to start his escalating.

Do you hear that?

Do you see it?

Do the words ‘escalator’ and ‘escalation’ appear?”

In April 2018, while at a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump called Mexican immigrants “rapists,” a comment that was met with backlash and controversy.

“I think that when you see the picture, you’ll see that this escalator is a real escalator,” Trump said.

“It’s not just a photo.

It’s a real thing that’s going to happen.”

On August 1, 2018, just hours before the inauguration, Trump went on a tirade against a group of protesters who were disrupting the inauguration ceremony.

“The reason why we have to do this is because they’re trying to take over our country,” Trump told the crowd.

“They’re trying all the time to take our country away.

I think we’re going to have a lot of people that want to come to our country and be with us, because we’re a country of immigrants.

I’m going to give you an example: I’ll tell you something that’s coming.

You’re going the wrong way, and you’re going against our flag.

You might want to watch out.

I’ll give you one example: you might want a new flag.

We’re going for a new, very beautiful flag.

The new flag is the new American flag, but I’ll bet you a million dollars that it looks nothing like that flag that you’re seeing.

That’s not the American flag.

That is not what our country is about.

You’ve seen that, and I’ll be very blunt, we’re not going to let them take our nation away.

And we’re gonna fight them, we’ll fight them hard, we will win.

You see what’s going on?

It’s not good.

And I will tell you what’s coming next.”

Trump has used the escalators in similar situations in the past.

In October 2017, Trump retweeted a picture of a Trump escalator with the caption, “The best way to get your message out is to start a fire.”

This was a reference to a video Trump posted on Twitter in which he claimed that the Obama administration had attempted to “take over” his presidency.

He then went on to say that the United States needed to “have a fire and a fury” and that he would “destroy” Obama’s “illegal amnesty” program.

Trump also used escalations in January 2018 during a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center.

“Look, I’ll let you finish this sentence: It’s time for us to get our escalators, our escalator up to the Trump escalater,” Trump began.

“We’re going all the way up, all the escalating up to it.

I want you to understand, I’m not just going to stop, I am going to get all the guns.

We are going to be going into every place, and we are going in.

We have the escalations going all over the place.

And they don