The Globe and Mail restaurant critic Daniel Boulud is on a quest to answer that question with a list of the best restaurants in the city.

With the city now home to a diverse mix of ethnic groups and cuisines, he’s hoping to find restaurants that are both authentic and local.

“I want to try to highlight the things that make Toronto different,” he says.

“There’s a lot of restaurants that have no real connection to the city in the sense that there’s no connection to Toronto as a place to eat.

I want to focus on the things we’re doing differently in the restaurant industry that have a real connection.”

For example, Bouludd says there’s a distinct difference between a restaurant that has a traditional, American flair to it and a restaurant from Jamaica, which are all more contemporary and urban.

He hopes to highlight a few restaurants that do that in his list, which he’ll publish later this month.

Below are the 10 restaurants that he thinks deserve a spot on the list.


Bouchon La Cite d’Or, Quebec, Canada The restaurant opened in 2016 and Bouchons La Cites d’Oriente, Quebec’s most famous dessert restaurant, opened in 2017.

The Bouchmans are renowned for their pastries and other sweets that are sold under the Bouchonal brand, including an almond ice cream sandwich with raspberry sauce and raspberry cream.

It’s also a place where people often go for brunch, a popular breakfast menu item.


Cucina d’Asie, B.C., Canada A new cafe in B.A.T.E., B.J. Smith’s restaurant in downtown Vancouver, opened last year, and it’s a new kind of neighbourhood restaurant.

Smith says he loves being able to provide people with fresh local food, and his café, Café La Cie, serves breakfast and lunch with an eclectic menu that includes everything from brie, berry, eggplant, and cheese curds to pomegranate and raspberry cheesecake.

“The concept is really different from the one that I worked in,” he tells the paper.

“It’s more like a café where you can sit and talk with people and order breakfast and brunch.”


Caffe Del Lago, Que., Canada The Caffe del Lago in Toronto is an oasis of café culture, with a large outdoor patio and an indoor bar.

The café’s name is an homage to the island of Lago del Sol, and is a nod to the popular coffee and espresso spot on Vancouver Island.

Its brunch menu features breakfast sandwiches, salads, and a vegan and vegetarian option.


Bouluds, Quebec The French restaurant is based in the downtown Toronto neighbourhood of Yonge St. W. and features a menu that blends the French classics with the local dishes of Quebec.

Bousquet, a traditional French breakfast, is served at breakfast.

It has a small bar with a small selection of wine and beers. 5.

Le Café de Montreal, Quebec Located in Montreal’s historic and bustling Montreal Square, Le Café De Montreal offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a relaxed environment.

It opened in 2019 and is still one of the city’s best restaurants.


Salsa Bistro, Bountiful, Utah A casual Mexican restaurant with a modern, modern take on the Mexican classics, Salsa bistro features a variety of Mexican dishes such as tacos, burritos, burrito burritas, and tacos de crema, which is a traditional Mexican dish with beans, rice, and onions.


Pescatore de la Cite, Que.

The Cite de la Cloche restaurant in Bountifully, a city of about 15,000 people, serves Mexican food in an outdoor space, and dishes up a menu of classic Mexican dishes.

“We love the food and the atmosphere of the place,” owner and chef David Lebouche told The Globe.

“At a certain level, we think that people are coming here to enjoy a good meal and relax and relax, but at a different level, I think they’re coming here because they’re tired of living in the big city.”


Bistronique, Quebec It’s not a small restaurant that serves a small menu, but the Bistropique restaurant in Quebec City is known for its Mexican-inspired dishes such a steak tartare, quesadillas, and pico de gallo.


El Barrio del Barrio, La Plata, California In 2016, Bistrano de la Plata opened its doors to an eclectic crowd, including a bunch of local musicians.

“One of the things I’m most proud of is that we’re opening to a crowd that is really diverse,” said chef Chris Ochs, who has also served as an assistant chef at