Elevators are getting taller, faster and more energy-efficient, according to a report from McKinsey & Co. that found the trend is unstoppable.

McKinsey said in its report released Monday that the glass escalations were designed to “move at the speed of sound.”

The report says they are more efficient than traditional elevators, which typically travel at a steady pace.

The company also found the escalators could save the U.S. between $3 billion and $5 billion per year.

But, it also noted, the company’s report said there was no proof that the escalator’s energy efficiency is actually higher than other elevators.

The report came just one day after the White House released a new report on how the Trump administration could curb carbon emissions, calling for a $3 trillion investment in green infrastructure, including carbon capture and storage.

It also said the Trump Administration has proposed the creation of “energy-efficient factories” that would employ 3 million people and create nearly 1 million jobs.

The Trump Administration said in a statement Monday that its report was “unbiased and objective” and did not take sides on the issue of carbon emissions.

The White House said in the statement that the Trump-backed energy-efficiency plan would also help U.C. Davis grow “in a way that makes it a world-class university.”

The study comes at a time when the U:S.

economy is slowing, with the unemployment rate hitting a new high of 8.1% in October.