A new study from The Associated Press and the University of Southern California shows escalator elevators have been gaining popularity in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, among other places.

The study found that escalators now account for about one-third of the city’s hotel room occupancy and one-quarter of the hotel room spending in the U.S.

The study, published in the International Journal of Hospitality Research, used data from the 2015 International Association of Hoteliers Conventionally Expanded Study of Occupancy and Expenses to compare the occupancy and spending patterns of hotel rooms in the city with those in neighboring San Francisco, Seattle and New York.

The results showed escalators accounted for about 33 percent of hotel room visits in Los Angelenos, compared with 25 percent in San Francisco.

In the city, escalators are also a popular means of getting around the city.

In Los Angeles County, where San Francisco is located, about 14 percent of all hotel room arrivals were escalators, the study found.