The world has been buzzing about disruptive technologies.

There’s no doubt that the idea of an autonomous vehicle that can drive itself is just as disruptive as the idea that humans will soon become autonomous.

But, while we might be getting a lot closer, the fact remains that the technology has yet to reach a point where we could see cars driving themselves.

We still need to develop and test autonomous vehicles to make sure they can safely take us anywhere we want, and we still need human drivers to safely navigate those cars.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:1.

It’s a bit like getting a driverless car driverless cars and trucks are just a few of the vehicles we have now that have already been developed.

And while the vehicles themselves have some very cool features, the technology that will make them possible has yet, so far, to be proven.

So, there’s a lot of work ahead to see if the technologies we’re building to make autonomous vehicles can even get off the ground.2.

The idea that we will have vehicles that are driverless by the end of the century is an over-simplification.

It simply does not seem like that will happen any time soon.

There are a lot more cars that need to be replaced every year.3.

We may be in for a major technological breakthrough in the next couple of decades.

Already, researchers are working on new ways to make artificial intelligence (AI) smarter than humans.

And with AI, we may soon be able to build self-driving vehicles that can go where we want.

The potential is endless, and it’s likely that a lot will be accomplished in the years ahead.4.

But there are a few big hurdles that still need work.

For one, we still don’t have the technology to make cars that are fully autonomous, such as in a car that’s driven by a human.

And we still have to figure out how to build an autonomous driving system that can reliably handle a number of scenarios, such a driving a large SUV in heavy traffic.

In addition, we’re still figuring out how vehicles will operate in the world.

That means we need to get to grips with how we are driving in the real world.

The world has never been more complex, and there’s no way we can predict the future.

But the technology exists, and the researchers are making progress.

So while the next five years may be busy, it’s definitely not going to be boring.

And for that, I think we’ll be pretty happy to see what happens in the coming years.